Silencio Stirs Mystery and LA Noir on She’s Bad

Silence-She's Bad

The band that sought out to create the eerie, noir, with a hint of cheese of Lynch movie soundtracks has done it again. This time, also drawing from Tarantino elements – surf and grungy twang – and James Bond – riffs that fly you to remote islands, buttons on a suit and places a drink in your hand.

On She’s Bad, Silencio steps beyond tribute band and has created their own emotional landscape, evoking characters with guitar riffs, textures with percussion and tones with tight instrumentation.

Title track, “She’s Bad” brings the listener to slinky and slimy LA night clubs, but fails to place us at the hand of the seductress, more or less leaving us outside the entrance. But the instrumentation, like the xylophone placed carefully to entice, does work and forces the listener to at least place their ear to the door.

“Surf Creep” is the protagonists them song. He plays on the tide when it’s high and searches the streets when crime calls to be solved. The track hints at Tarantino soundtracks with the pipeline plucking guitar, stupid-brave sax and hand claps that’ll get your head boppin’.

“Booth Shuffle” takes us along with the main character, rummaging the LA corners to a rambling bass line, with hints of sharp guitar and sleuth sax. A keyboard solo takes charge, letting us know the he means business and has found a clue- but the crime remains unsolved, as the keys descend to an unsettled clatter.

By the end, the listener has grabbed the collar of every sleaze in LA, had a rendezvous on a remote island, plundered their introspect and questioned their observations to wind up back in dingy clubs and dark alley ways. The stifling organ on outro track, “Finale”, finds the hero reflecting on the experience – Was it good? Was it bad? Was it a dream or reality? – it’s up to the listener to decide.

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